Case Studies

Case Studies

I’ve worked with small businesses, non-profits, individuals, start-ups and government agencies. Each entity shares the same struggle: They need to create a brand people will remember. That brand would then need to be replicated and harmonized throughout the Internet on in the offline world where their community can be reached. Sometimes it is as simple as a logo, sometimes it can be a full marketing and website overhaul. Here are a few places I have helped to shape a brand for my clients.

Florida Small County Coalition 

While working as Director of Communication for Escambia County’s Democratic Executive Committee, I was asked to help a coalition of small Florida counties be more effective with their voice.

The coalition needed a website and a digital strategy that focused on the needs of counties that often get overlooked in favor of the counties with higher populations.

The people in these small counties had different perspectives and concerns than their counterparts in large counties. With that in mind, and in the midst of the onset of COVID-19, we created a website that helped our small communities get the answers they could not find on the state party website.

The people wanted local answers about COVID-19, they wanted to know who was in their party leadership and how they could reach them, and finally, they wanted to answers on how to sign up for absentee voting for the primary election.

We engaged this audience by helping them find each answer and empowered them to go beyond outreach to leadership and gave them opportunities to become a more active participant in the political process, even under quarantine.

I helped them build this site on WordPress, utilizing Cloudflare CDN, to lighten the workload, and to improve page performance.

Glenn has a great eye for design and significantly improved UI/UX for several applications. In general, he was a strong asset to the team and went above and beyond to ensure project success.

-Travis Yaeger


When I arrived at AINS, I was the first UI/UX designer the company had hired full-time in its nearly twenty-year history. It boasted of two flagship software (SaaS and PaaS) products in its portfolio. They needed help crafting better user experiences, and were hoping to modernize their product’s user interface. At the same time, they needed a complete redesign of their public website, and they needed help rebranding the entire company, to help it find a better footing in a very competitive marketplace. In just over a year, I had completed the brand redesign of their website, every single marketing material, conference materials, conference website, powerpoints, handouts, t-shirts, portals, flagship products, and logos.

Glenn did a superb job building my website. In less than a week he created an extremely professional website, that has helped me get freelance multi-media jobs with various new agencies. I’m certainly not an easy client to work with and demanded not only his time but also acute attention to detail. Glenn, gave me his full attention and surpassed my expectation. In addition to creating the site, he also had the patience to show me how to use it. I strongly recommend Glenn and his plethora of skills to anyone who is planning to build a website for either professional or personal use.

-Rebecca Byerly

Read Rebecca

Rebecca Byerly needed help to develop a personal brand. She had a few requirements.

  1. She wanted to have a place where she could blog about her many global travels.
  2. She wanted to showcase her participation in ultra-marathons (usually 75 miles or more)
  3. She wanted her brand to encourage young girls to realize there are no limits to achieving their dreams.

We created the domain and site The name itself was targeted at children in her own community who said they had no local-female-role models to read about online. Her campaign to engage these young readers has taken her all over the country, as she speaks in school auditoriums and classrooms, about her life and the many adventures she has experienced.

We designed handouts, postcards and other ReadRebecca materials that would help her audience remember where to find Rebecca online. Her website was created in a weekend, to give her a platform to chronicle her global adventures.

The site and subsequent stories have since caught the eye of National Geographic and Sports Illustrated as each has used Rebecca to produce video and write stories about her unique experiences.

SDS Fitness


Serge Sejour is a former NFL player who has become a fitness entrepreneur. One of his first ventures into the fitness industry: SDS Fitness, was a business where he helped to train athletes and those in his community to be fit for life.

I was able to help him take his business online and to help him cultivate his clients through an online portal. His website, included an event calendar, fitness videos, tips, and courses for his clients to pursue.

He used to say, “I get it, it’s not easy to get motivated to go to the gym every morning, that is why you need a community to help support you. That is why I created SDS Fitness.”

His passion for helping others made the development of his brand even more important to his entrepreneurial success.