I am not your average designer

I traveled to Afghanistan in 2003 to help two National Geographic photographers launch several Afghan-run media start-ups. While I was there, I taught 19 students the art of photojournalism. My classroom was, a few months prior, an actual Taliban prison. We transformed the room as well as the lives of everyone in that classroom that year. Within a couple of years, my students began to change the world with their images.  A few years later, one of them won the Pulitzer Prize.

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Published Works
Globally Published Photojournalist
My work has been published all over the world in publications such as AP, Plain Dealer, Marie Claire, and National Geographic.
Start-up Success
The first school of photojournalism in Afghanistan
I helped to start the first school of photojournalism in Afghanistan.
Digital Pioneer
Before there was Instagram or Facebook
I helped build the first Afghan photo agency in 2004. I worked with a start-up called Digital Railroad to make it happen.
Dispatches from Kabul
A tablet experience 7 years before the iPad
My dispatches from Kabul were designed to give a unique tablet experience. Created in 2003, it was designed to show the future of the media.

This is what I do

It’s hard to show what I do in a SINGLE job title. This might help. 

Brand Design
I have experience creating and shaping corporate identities: From logos to websites to social media projects, every detail is carefully crafted.  See my case studies here.
Graphic Design
I use Sketch, Photoshop, Indesign, and Illustrator to shape, change and mold my projects into things you will remember. I even use these tools to make designs for shirts. Check out my start-up, Resilient Union, LLC for graphic design examples of my work.
I am a globally published photojournalist. My passion for design stems from my first love of photography. See some of my photos here.
Videography & Production
I’ve produced two full-length documentaries, one with radio journalism legend, Bob Edwards, in conjunction with American University and MHz Networks.
UX Development
I am intimately familiar with the UX processes including discovery and research, synthesizing research and design strategy, placement and layout design strategy, execution, and usability testing. See a sample case study.
UI Design
I have experience working with product managers, subject matter experts, power users, engineers, and CEOs to create designs that solve problems for each stakeholder.
WordPress Development
I have been creating WordPress sites for more than 10 years. But like most platforms, (including SharePoint and Drupal) they all can be designed and manipulated with the same basic tools I use daily: HTML, CSS, and javascript.

Strategic Communication
I was the director of communication for a political party in North West Florida and also served as a digital and communication specialist for a nationally-recognized-political candidate for Congress. I designed their graphics, narrowed their message, defined their audience, and helped craft political positioning that reinforced building bridges over expanding the political divide.

Check out a recent case study: AINS brand redesign

WordPress Design and Development
A complete brand redesign
Custom Portait Photography

Glenn is creative to the core. He immediately made an impact across the organization offering innovative ideas and concepts to the eCase product redesign, delivering a fresh user-centered perspective to the project. His ability to translate complex business needs into simple user experiences, creative direct a wide range of projects and thrive in a fast-paced and challenging environment is what really separates Glenn from other designers.

Dave HagenChief Marketing Officer - AINS

Glenn Luther is one of the most ambitious and inspiring individuals I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Upon our introduction, I was not only struck by his warmhearted nature, but also by his focus and foresight.

Brian TervoIT Analyist

Industrious, enthusiastic, and dedicated to delivering top results, Glenn is the guy you call when you want something done right the first time on time. Coupled with his experience and knowledge, is a true passion for new technology, social media and the integration of both into successful ventures. Glenn is a great co-worker and project collaborator. I’ve worked on a number of projects with him from scratch and have always been impressed with his innovative problem solving.

Terrance AverettPMP - MHz Networks
Kent State University
Bachelor of Science in Visual Journalism
My degree specialized in photojournalism, layout & design
American University
MA in Journalism and Public Communication
My master's degree specialized in interactive and online media.
Other Certificates and Credentials
Professional Certifications and Training
Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) -Knowlege Management Professional Society -KMPro
Security+ CE
UX Design - General Assembly

Interested in learning more?

I would be happy to share more details. Let me know how I can help support your next big project. You can reach me directly at 202-683-7402.